Oystercatcher In The Car Park

Oystercatcher in a busy car park
Oystercatcher in a busy car park

In a busy car park at the Highland Wildlife Park in the Cairngorms, sits an oystercatcher on her eggs.

Her ‘nest’ is just a scrape in the ground – with a convenient stone for her to rest her beak against.

There were cars coming in and out and she never moved – just concentrated on the important job she was doing.


1/500 second at f7.1 Nikon D7000 with 70-300mm lens at full stretch.



  1. Short lovely story with beautiful imagery attached. I contemplated purchasing the D7000 but opted for the D5200. I’ve never had a DSLR so this seemed to be a great starter for me.


    1. Thank you for your comment. The D5200 is a great camera.


      1. You’re welcome and it is. Looking forward to adding more lenses to my collection.


        1. Sounds good. 🙂

          What lenses have you got and what lenses are you looking at?


        2. I have the lens that came with it. I purchased the kit. I’ve seen some really cool ones though. The one I have is more than fine-for now. I want something that can capture the finest detail. Any suggestions?


        3. I don’t really have a suggestion. The 18-55mm kit lens is very good.


  2. Nice shot of this beautiful bird!


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