Tell-Tale Signs

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When will Spring come?
When will the nights pull back and the days start to get longer?
When will we see the sun?
When will the grey, grey days go away?
When will the wind stop?
When will we be able to walk out without layers of clothing, without thinking of the struggle to get to the post office, to the shops, to the bus?

We’ve had almost no snow. You can see it on the hills – and you can always see the hills from almost anywhere in Edinburgh, even from the city centre.

But there has been no snow. Just a flurry or two scattered through the winter months. But nothing that has settled.

Snow is an ambivalent creature… [ Read more on Quillcards ]

3 thoughts on “Tell-Tale Signs

  1. It’s funny because I was thinking of writing you to ask when the crocus come up by you. Is this earlier than the norm?

    Also, were you lucky enough to see the Northern Lights this week? Heard there were some amazing display nearby you.


    1. Hi Jen,
      I looked at an article I wrote in 2012 about crocuses on the ‘Links’ here in Edinburgh and I published that in February. I remember reading that Spring has to come early this far north in order to take advantage of the maximum growing season. I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘Spring’ – it’s still pretty cold, but I guess that plants take their signals from what is around them and get going. A couple of weeks ago I saw lambs in fields a couple of hours west of here.

      No, didn’t see the Northern Lights 😦 Wish we had gone outside of Edinburgh to take a look.


  2. How beautiful … and so different, looking out here! I’ve seen croci in March, but won’t this year. We have the «polar vortex»! They keep making up new weather words all the time. -26˚C this morning.


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