Chrysler Imperial


It’s always tickled me how much more I see sometimes when I look on the computer screen at photos I have taken.

For instance, when I saw this car parked on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, I saw the lines and curves of the body. But it wasn’t until I looked close on screen that I really ‘saw’ the crown on the badge.

My first thought was that a badge with a crown was strange for a car made in the USA – a ‘revolutionary’ country that had thrown off the yoke of British imperialism and monarchy – but of course must be a Chrysler Imperial.

Maybe someone recognises the lines of the body well enough to confirm it is indeed an ‘Imperial’…

Chrysler Badge

3 thoughts on “Chrysler Imperial

  1. It’s a terrific photo. I love its lines and reflections … It’s funny how we often discover details on the computer screen that we didn’t notice ‘in real life’… I got a yellow bird in flight that I wasn’t even aware of that I took!

    Interesting question about the crown..


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