Taste In Blogs

I don’t know whether this will resonate with you as a reader, but I saw a blog just now that I think looks very nice.

I found it from a tweet by Maria ( @acceleratedstal on Twitter) and of MariaFalvey.net fame.

The site in question is named Freunden von Freuden – which I guess is Friend Of A Friend – and being the curious kind that I am, I wanted to know what theme the blog was using.

I opened up the style inspector in Safari, but the theme is named ‘fvonf’ which is of course derived from the name of the site.

That wasn’t telling me much so I popped the URL into What WordPress Theme Is That and it said that it was a modified TwentyTen and that the modification was done by Chuck Heckman.

His website is a heckchuckman (cute, eh?) and here is a link to some of his other work.

These are all self-hosted sites, but I guess most of the changes in FvonF could be imported into a WP.com site with the CSS upgrade.


I have been away from Edinburgh visiting my mother who is ill in hospital. The news was bleak but then things have improved.

I don’t usually talk about my own personal circumstances or feelings about my personal life here on this blog or elsewhere on line. But this is cathartic.


  1. Maria Falvey says:

    FvonF is one of my top 5 blogs David, I’m so glad to read you checked it out.
    The site is clean, sexy and easy to navigate and the content is above par.
    I think passing on site discoveries is the best Xmas gift… ever. Best to your mom and wishing all the Bennetts a prosperous New Year.


    1. Thanks, and all the best to you and yours for a wonderful 2014 ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. ada says:

    I read this blog (it translates Friends of Friends and one of their contributors is a Hungarian girl) and I used to like them but I don’t really anymore. I guess it’s mostly jealousy ๐Ÿ™‚ They usually feature young people in their twenties without “normal” jobs or reasonable income living in apartements with unique and often antique furniture I really can’t imagine how they can actually afford.

    I was an “artist” myself, and I know perfectly what does it mean financially to be a freelancer (it sucks, mostly) and those big flats filled with light and beautiful things annoy the heck out of me.

    Sometimes they also feature people who live in Third World countries though, and those posts are really interesting.

    Sorry for your mother, I hope she will get better soon!


    1. Thank you for the good wishes about my mother.

      Ah. the jealousy that you talk about – it keeps the world spinning around, don’t you think… ๐Ÿ™‚

      I didn’t read the articles in Friends of Friends so I went back just now and took a look. I really would like a big loft in New York. How exciting it would be to have a big airy space to work on big projects. Maybe you did that kind of thing?


      1. ada says:

        I was a starving musician, playing the Baroque flute that nobody needs or want to listen to and was continuously struggling to pay the rent and my study fees on time :DDD
        And yes, I also would enjoy living in a NY loft. Maybe in one of my next lives, when I reborn in a wealthy family and in a capitalist country :/
        Being jealous is quite dangerous though, you’re right ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I, too, went over there and looked. Really neat — even moreso knowing that it’s TwentyTen!

    I still have the Custom upgrade [until some time in March]. Do you think one could take the CSS from a theme one likes in wp.org ?! That would be so cool … I had one there that I really liked.

    In hindsight, I wish I’d been less personal in my blog from the get-go. Hope you mother will recover quickly.


    1. Thank you for the good wishes about my mother.

      About themes, I think that if one has the theme that the site is built on, then probably one could add the CSS to the style sheet. I am not sure about copyright issues though.

      If your site was less personal, as you say, what would it be like?

      I like your posts, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I thought about that for a while. Steven King [and probably many more] said; ‘Write about what you know best’, and … what I know best, got to be ME, so … *shrug*, I won’t change it now, that’s for sure ..


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