6 thoughts on “On Loneliness

  1. Adorable card! I like this theme too — it’s calm and cool.

    Just out of pure curiosity … it’s really none of my business, but did you deliberately turn comments off, on that post?


    1. Thank you for the comment about the card.

      About commments I had comments turned off for all posts and pages on more.flyingtwigs.

      There is a setting in Genesis that allows one to do this.

      Then it occurred to me that this was an article that people might want to get involved with, so I turned comments on for just this article – except you must have got there before I switched comments on. 🙂


      1. He he … guess I did, and I thought the same thing; this is something that people like to engage in.

        I even remember myself writing something about depression in an old blog in Yahoo360º, back in 2006. Never got so many comments during the whole time I blogged there.


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