Finding A Commenter’s’ Blog – Does Your Gravatar Link To Your Blog?

I like it when someone comments on an article or clicks the ‘like’ button. No surprise there.

And as often as not, I want to go and visit their blog to see what they’ve been up to. Except that quite often I can’t do that because I don’t know what the name or website address of their blog is.


Try clicking on someone’s gravatar and it will take you to… (sound of bells ringing)… their gravatar.

But I don’t want their gravatar, I want their blog.

If I can’t find their blog on their gravatar page it is because they didn’t connect their gravatar with their blog (or blogs).

If you want to see a gravatar that does it right, take a look at TimeThief’s Gravatar. See, she has her blogs ‘connected’ with her gravatar.

Is your gravatar connected with your blog(s)? If it isn’t, then here is what to do.

How To Link Your Blog(s) To Your Gravatar

Go to the gravatar site at When you are logged in, you will see something like this:


Click on ‘Profile’ and then click on the ‘Websites’ tab in the sidebar and you can add your blog(s).


Drop me a comment here and then I can go off and find you and comment on your blog 🙂

6 thoughts on “Finding A Commenter’s’ Blog – Does Your Gravatar Link To Your Blog?

    1. I agree and I seem to remember that gravatars used to link straight through to the person’s blog, but it may be my memory playing tricks. It would make sense though because it is the blog that I want to see, not the gravatar.


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