Three Scottish Gentlemen In Medieval Costume




Commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden over the weekend of 28th 29th September this year, the medieval re-enactment group Medieval Realm were at the Grassmarket in the centre of Edinburgh.

It should be no surprise that there were nobles in fine dress in Scotland in the 1400s… after all, Scotland was in Alliance with France and Scottish troops fought in France against the English.

The battle of Flodden was fought between the armies of Scotland and England and took place in northern England in 1513. It was a decisive English victory and James IV, King of Scots was killed in the battle.

It seems a long way from the film Braveheart.

After an illuminating talk on weaponry (you can partly see the weapons in the photos) I asked the three men to look suitably noble, and they obliged for photos.

The three photos at the below here are crops of the full images, and all were taken with the little Olympus E-Pm1 with 45mm lens.

I really must do a review of the camera with some photos of it with the viewfinder in place. It really is a spectacular little camera.

Scottish Gentleman One

Scottish Gentleman Two

Scottish Gentleman Three

2 thoughts on “Three Scottish Gentlemen In Medieval Costume

  1. The close-ups are very striking portraits – can’t decide if I like them better than the originals, which are also interesting for the clothing and weapons.


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