Around The Web: Analyser, Trending, Nibbler, Wikipedia

I thought I’d share a few useful things I’ve found or had pointed out to me recently.

Website Analyser

The first is a website analyser. There are several of them out there, but this one covers lots of things and it is free. It’s Nibbler from Silktide.

One nice feature is that it will analyse subdomains.

If it’s not clear to you what a subdomain is, photographworks.wordpress.comis a subdomain of

Many websites use subdomains. They are useful for separating different departments, for example. So if a company sells photocopiers and microscopes, it might have a main domain at and then subdomains at and at

And many smaller websites have their blog on a subdomain.

The ‘alternative’ to a subdomain is to have the blog or whatever on a sub-directory. Then it would be

Here’s a video by Google’s Matt Cutts talking about whether having a subdomain versus a sub-directory matters from an SEO (search engine optimisation) perspective.

Analyse Your Facebook Page Presence

The second thing I want to share is that if you have a Facebook page, you can analyse how well it is doing with this free tool called Likealyzer from Meltwater.

I picked mention of this up while listening to an excellent webinar from Claire Jarrett.

What’s Going On

Finally, most people know about Google trends and the way you can search for what is trending. Well here’s a tool that picks up what is trending but it only uses the interest that is being generated around Wikipedia entries as its source. It’s Trending Topics from Data Wrangling.

One thing that it is trending at the moment and has sustained interest for a month is the topic of reactive oxygen species. Because you might be reading this a while from now and the topic may not be trending then, here’s the direct link to the article on Wikipedia about reactive oxygen species. Take a look and you’ll see why it is of more than passing interest.

One thought on “Around The Web: Analyser, Trending, Nibbler, Wikipedia

  1. I tried Nibbler. The result was discouraging, but I didn’t expect anything else.
    Then I read about ROS for almost an hour. Indeed, it’s something that will be of interest for a long time.


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