What The Highwind Theme Looks Like On An iPhone

I used the TwentyEleven theme for a long time. Then recently I tried the Eventbrite theme. But after a couple of days I was out looking for another theme… only this time I knew what I wanted that was missing in the themes I had used.

I wanted bigger print on the page.

And that’s how I came across the Highwind theme.

So now the question is how does it render on a Mobile? And here’s the answer for the iPhone.

Here’s the homepage. One thing I see is that the plain blue header renders OK because, unlike a photo header, it really doesn’t matter where the iPhone cuts off the header image because it is a plain colour. All it needs to do in order to render in a meaningful and attractive way is to include the little image in the circle… which it does.


Here’s a single post – I particularly like the little upward-pointing arrow you can see here. It floats down the page and with one tap it zips you to the top of the page.


And here’s what a tap on the menu (the three white horizontal bars in the top image) brings up.

2 thoughts on “What The Highwind Theme Looks Like On An iPhone

  1. TPTB have really put a lot of effort into the mobile experience. On my little Android phone, the circle in the header is a square. Didn’t have much satisfaction from the “up” button’s performance. The page resolutely stayed where it was. On the desktop, the Highwind theme is lovely as well. On my little netbook, the oversized header makes me scroll more, but then, who considers 3 year-old technology these days. :p


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