Three Scottish Gentlemen In Medieval Costume




Commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden over the weekend of 28th 29th September this year, the medieval re-enactment group Medieval Realm were at the Grassmarket in the centre of Edinburgh.

It should be no surprise that there were nobles in fine dress in Scotland in the 1400s… after all, Scotland was in Alliance with France and Scottish troops fought in France against the English.

The battle of Flodden was fought between the armies of Scotland and England and took place in northern England in 1513. It was a decisive English victory and James IV, King of Scots was killed in the battle.

It seems a long way from the film Braveheart.

After an illuminating talk on weaponry (you can partly see the weapons in the photos) I asked the three men to look suitably noble, and they obliged for photos.

The three photos at the below here are crops of the full images, and all were taken with the little Olympus E-Pm1 with 45mm lens.

I really must do a review of the camera with some photos of it with the viewfinder in place. It really is a spectacular little camera.

Scottish Gentleman One

Scottish Gentleman Two

Scottish Gentleman Three

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Coffee Pot
Coffee Pot

I didn’t think I was going to buy Premise… a plugin for a self-hosted WordPress membership site and landing page generator.

In fact, I let the special time-limited offer slip by… or almost slip by. I asked a question about the graphics and decided that if the answer came back quickly while there was still time to grab the deal, then I would… definitely, maybe, perhaps, possibly get it.

But the answer didn’t come back quickly enough to make the deadline, and when it did arrive I said that unfortunately it was too late for me to grab the deal. So they gave me a special code to still grab the deal.

And I did.

And the reason I am mentioning this is that it really does illustrate for me one of the founding principles of persuasion as described in Robert Cialdini’s book ‘Influence’.

Mr Cialdini is Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, and what he says is that we are wired to do things for people who do things for us.

So even though I knew the guy at Premise wanted to make a sale, the fact that he extended the deal still made me feel 1% obligated to buy the plugin. Crazy, eh?

I should explain that I have been hovering, thinking of buying Premise for over a year… and that 1% tipped the balance.

And you will have noticed that I described Mr Cialdini’s credentials. I did it to present social proof that he can back up what he says. If Arizona State University think enough of him to make him Professor Emeritus, he must be something, mustn’t he?

The fact that I felt a need to present that social proof and the fact that you as the reader will have been influenced by it, is something else Cialdini talks about in his book.

The next unexpected thing I did this week was that I bought the Mac version of a piece of image-editing software. It’s FX PhotoStudio Pro by MacPhun.

I have the iPhone version and although 75% of it doesn’t attract me, the other 25% is pretty nice. So I googled for whether there was a Mac version and there was. If fact there were two version. One was the standard version and the other was the Pro version.

Doesn’t ‘Pro’ automatically sound desirable? So I got it and the image at the top of this post is what I got when I ran an image through the software. Click on the image and you can see it a bit bigger.

Bottom line, I have no buyer’s remorse. And that is in part a function of the benefit of the two items (I’m pleased with them), and of the cost not being very high.