The Orphan Child Gets A Facelift

My wife Tamara calls Quillcards “the orphan child” because it gets left behind with all the work we have been doing recently on Flying Twigs.

Well today we made a new logo with the word Quillcards to grace the main site at Quillcards.


And A New Design For The Quillcards Blog

On the blog we’ve been using the Thesis framework for a couple of years, and we were going to update to Thesis 2. But… we think it’s a bit of a pig to work with and that the Genesis framework from StudioPress is much more pleasant to use.

So when StudioPress brought out the Beautiful Pro child theme recently, we decided to use it.

We set up a test blog and played around with the stylesheet to get it as we wanted. And we prepared the background image in advance. And that, ladies and gentlemen is how we arrived at this:

Click this image to take a look…


4 thoughts on “The Orphan Child Gets A Facelift

      1. Interesting! It certainly would be great to have something like that here on com instead of the convoluted instructions for adding social media buttons to one’s sidebar. Some themes have Genericons built in, but not all.


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