Genericons from Automattic

Genericons - Free From Automattic
Genericons – Free From Automattic

Genericons are vector icons embedded in a webfont designed to be clean and simple keeping with a generic aesthetic.

Genericons are made by Automattic, the people who make WordPress. Go the Genericons site to grab your gener-icon fonts.

12 thoughts on “Genericons from Automattic

  1. Cool. I guess they could come in handy, at some point.

    On an unrelated note: You have many followers/subscribers here in Light Reading. IF [hypothetically], you were to move this to self-hosted … would you lose all your followers then?
    I mean «really self-hosted», not the domain-upgrade in wp.COM.


    1. I think there must be something in the air. I was thinking about this just yesterday.

      I am not sure I would do it. I kind of like having a site on’s servers. There are all kinds of things that can go wrong – pages not transferring correctly, permalink problems, etc. I have had issues when I moved posts from one self-hosted site to another.

      If I did do it, I might make it easy on myself and bit the bullet for the $129.00 Guided Transfer option from the WordPress people.

      There is a way to redirect visitors using the ‘Site Redirect’ option from WordPress. It costs just $13.00 per year, and one year of the option should be plenty

      It looks like Maria Falvey from Accelerated Stall moved her blog to self-hosted overnight. She seems to have changed the permalink structure, which caused some 404 pages.

      I wrote about migrating to a a self-hosted site a couple of days ago on Flying Twigs.

      That’s and not the site where I had the Indexhibit stuff.

      I junked the Indexhibit structure and set up a WordPress test site on I am trying to set up a Child theme I like using the Genesis framework and I then want to export it to the blog for Quillcards.


      1. The thing is, I’ve already done it. Guess I’ll go for the $13 redirect. After one year, hopefully, they will have ‘re-subscribed’.

        I had the domain upgrade for in wp.COM and now I was getting these messages about renewing for $33. I have also had the customize thing for $30, and altogether it became a bit …. over the edge. As I really wanted to keep the domain name because I think it’s cute and I also had email set up with it, I transferred it to the same place as where I tried out that Indexhibit thing.

        Saw that part about $129, which had me wondering what it is they DO for that amount?! My export/import went swimmingly, but I’m not sure about the ‘permalinks’ yet. I can’t recall linking to my own posts all that often. I’ve found one that I corrected.

        So now lives as a self-hosted blog … so far, so good 🙂


        1. You seem to be doing the right things. 🙂

          Yes, and the money does mount up, doesn’t it.

          For the $129.00 option, the biggest advantage I can see is that if someone has been running a blog for a long time and has a big following, then let the people at WordPress take the strain.

          I don’t have much engaged traffic – some readers but not a lot of engagement – so the paid migration doesn’t apply to me.


        2. The thing is, even if I go for the $13 redirect, my posts will still not show up in their readers, and I believe many people use the WordPress reader.

          The customize thing I was going to get rid of anyway, now I can customize to my heart’s content LOL


    1. So the question is how to bring a site to the attention of people who are on so that they add it to their reading list on the WP reader?

      Maybe the next time there is something like the Weekly Photo Challenge or something that seems like a good fit, we could try it with a site and use the postaday tag and the headline that WP suggests… and see what happens?


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