You May Say I’m A Dreamer

I have no idea why I chose this headline… it just went through my mind as I was thinking about two things I read about this evening.

The first one is a warning about HEADLINER and the rights grab for your content. If you have a blog then you should read this article on Memoirs Of An Underwater Photographer before you even think of activating the share facility that has been introduced into WordPress.

(And a mention of JenT who reblogged the article onto her site at WPComMaven )

This is just a warning folks… ostensibly it looks like a great service… but when you read the Terms of Service

You can also read this question and answer on the forums and wonder…. Headliner discussed with WordPress staff on the WordPress Forum.

The second article I came across is for self-hosted WordPress sites only. It’s a very useful article about plugins to set up mailing list widgets and newsletters. The article is written by one of the staff at a UK web host that I like.

And finally… a new greeting card design we just finished.

Get Well Iris
Get Well Iris

Whenever I look at this photo I took of the iris flower I see it with its arms outstretched and singing at the top of its lungs. OK, so irises don’t have arms… but that’s how I see it.

Can you see the arms? Did you see them before I mentioned them?

Update about Headliner

I published this post and sure enough there was Headliner…



        1. Yes, and much the same for me. Or at least I would have checked a bit before saying yes.

          There might be the next Ernest Hemingway who is starting out as an innocent blogger with valuable content who has just signed his or her content away unknowingly.


        2. Yes, oodles of aspiring writers here, and photographers!
          I’m so insignificant, so I never really worry about whether these issues will affect my little hobby here.

          I do think about Facebook, though … from time to time. The immense info base of it, and what people happily share there!


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