Spotted Around The Web

Stats and Stuff

According to Kamber quoting from StatisticBrain, 40% of the 500 million Twitter users don’t send tweets.

And according to eConsultancy, 41% of people who click paid searches in Google think they are clicking organic results.

And about paid search results… is it just me or is the yellow background highlight colour that separates paid from organic search less ‘yellow’ and obvious than it used to be?

Writing Tools

Gingkoapp is an online app for collaboration or just to organise your writing. I haven’t tried it but that’s because I have Scrivener for complex writing projects.

Gingko is an online word processor, that lets you work on structure and content at the same time.

Because of that, Gingko’s interface is minimal, and gets out of your way. All formatting is done with Markdown, so you can focus on writing instead of font selection.

Gingko is built with a “keyboard-first” mindset. You can use the mouse to work, but our keyboard shortcuts are fast, simple, and intuitive.

This lets you keep your hands on the keyboard and your thoughts on your work.

Intro pricing is free for up to three trees and then a monthly plan for an infinity of plans.

For simple ‘distraction-free’ writing I use Writeroom for Mac which is not online but which has a feature that I like… it can be set full screen and then I don’t see anything except the writing surface. I set the sound on my Mac to zero so that I don’t hear the distraction of emails either.

Become A Copywriter – Become A Better Copywriter

I am reading about copywriting – and enjoying it. I suggest you start with All Good Copy from Glenn Fisher and take it from there. He is from the UK so some of it may not exactly translate to say the USA… but I think he has the knack and you can get good stuff from him.

6 thoughts on “Spotted Around The Web

  1. I’m amazed at those stats. I’m particularly surprised by that 41% of people who click paid searches in Google think they are clicking organic results. Yes, the yellow has mellowed.


    1. You know where they say that the top one or two results in Google paid search get 90% of the clicks – well now it makes more sense if people simply do not realise those are paid results.

      ‘Mellow Yellow’ – Donovan.


  2. I’m one of those 41%. I read there all the time, but I wouldn’t know what to say/tweet about.

    I remember Donovan, but hadn’t thought about him for a long time. The yellow has definitely faded.

    Whatever writing I do is just for my own pleasure, and I have a nice, little app called Fountain Pen.


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