Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea Is A One-Eyed Man

the sea is play

The sea is sex

I remember reading that years ago in a book on psychoanalysis and thinking how poetic it sounded. Throw oneself into the crashing waves or paddle in the shallows.

Now I think whoever said it had sex on the brain. Which we all do, more or less. But then lots of animals don’t like the sea. I had a dog once that would freak out at the site of a hose pipe.

The sea is a one-eyed man

Looking along the shore, to one side is the land with whatever there is there. To the other side is the sea. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope or a Rorschach drawing with everything mirrored and yet not mirrored.

The sea is escape

Gazing along the shore, beyond where one can see, and then thinking of all that cements one to where one is. And then walking on. And on.

The sea is a sound

I used to love those sunny days when the sound of voices was muted and the breeze drifted in from the sea.

The sea is shells

Nerites shells in this case, that I photographed. And the photo was chosen for the Patterns In Nature exhibition in Edinburgh city centre earlier this year.

Nerites snails are found from the Caribbean to South Africa. They live in tidal pools and what struck me about the ones I found was the way the patterns are interrupted in zig-zags.

It might have been caused by a change in diet or who knows what else?

Watch the video to see the shells.

About the dog that didn’t like water

P.S. I loved that dog, and from time to time I miss him dearly.

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