On The Streets Of Edinburgh

woman in mask

This photo is entitled ‘Who?’ because I didn’t get to find out who she is or what show she is with.

Going To Events At The Festivals

My wife and I are very busy with the the ‘job’ of attending events at the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the…. you name it and it’s happening here.

Believe me, you need a big piece of paper, highlighters, a pen, access to the internet, and grit and determination to go through the zillions of shows and make your choices.

Highlights have been:

    Nikolai Lugansky – a wonderful classical pianist
    Rana Mitta talking about the forgotten Chinese-Japanese war of 1937-45
    Amit Chaudhuri – talking about returning to Calcutta

Today I met up with someone I knew from a long while ago. He’s come to Edinburgh for the festivals. We barely knew one another before and we spent several hours talking today.

The bottom line for this short article is that these two photos are the only ones I’ve shot in the past week – apart from on those I put on the QC Blog – and there is still another ten days or more of the festivals.

There are about an extra one million people here in Edinburgh compared to the non-festival rest of the year. In other words, the population trebles. Yet the bus system works; the ticketing system works; the people are friendly and accommodating.

And it’s still possible to have a good conversation with people one has never met before – while standing in a queue (line) waiting to go in to an event.

Superhero Snailboy
Superhero Snailboy

6 thoughts on “On The Streets Of Edinburgh

  1. Ironically the festival has passed me by again, so thanks for bringing snippets to me. I’m very glad you put “job” in inverted commas!


    1. Thank you for commenting. There are still a few days left of the festivals, if you want to see something…

      Ah yes, ‘job’ – as in ‘Tt’s a hard job but someone has to do it.’ 😉


  2. Good Morning: One of these days I will attend the Edinburgh Fringe. San Francisco has its own Fringe (starts next month!), but from what I’ve heard, there’s nothing like the original.


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