Edfringe: The Way Of The World

The Way Of The World by William Congreve
The Way Of The World by William Congreve

I was on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh again, looking for photogenic portraits. I asked the man here whether he would pose and he gave me this in an instant.

He half made me think of Tim McInnerny’s Lord Percy Percy from the wonderful TV series, Blackadder, but there was more steel in this man’s look.

My hat was off to him for a bravura performance, turned out on a sixpence.

He is one of the players from the Youth Action Theatre – described as South-West London and Surrey’s premier free youth theatre company.

From the company’s blurb for the show:

Widely regarded as one of the best Restoration comedies, this sharply written play entwines lovers in a tangled web of plotting, fortune and honour. YAT’s energised production follows two lovers as they endeavour to marry against all the odds.

But first they must navigate the twists and turns of conspiracy, deception and intrigue, not to mention winning over the tyrannical Lady Wishfort. The ways of their world must be conquered if true love is to win over all.

Here’s the Wikipedia entry for The Way Of The World by William Congreve.

The way these and other players on the Royal Mile play Restoration characters makes me think it must have been hell on Earth. Everyone despises everyone, acceptability depends upon having an acid comment ready at one’s lips, and sex and social position the only games in town.

The Way Of The World by William Congreve
The Way Of The World by William Congreve


  1. Maria says:

    Wonderful portraits – as always


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