Month: August 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea Is A One-Eyed Man

The sea is sex I remember reading that years ago in a book on psychoanalysis and thinking how poetic it sounded. Throw oneself into the crashing waves or paddle in the shallows. Now I think whoever said it had sex on the brain. Which we all do, more or less. But then lots of animals don’t like the sea. I had a dog once that would freak out at the site of a hose pipe. The sea is a one-eyed man Looking along the shore, to one side is the land with whatever there is there. To the other side is the sea. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope or a Rorschach drawing with everything mirrored and yet not mirrored. The sea is escape Gazing along the shore, beyond where one can see, and then thinking of all that cements one to where one is. And then walking on. And on. The sea is a sound I used to love those sunny days when the sound of voices was muted and the breeze drifted in …

Say It With A Tweet

From the WordPress Support Site: Using the Media Explorer, you can now insert tweets and YouTube videos without ever leaving WordPress. This tool lets you search Twitter and YouTube from inside the “Insert Media” window in your Dashboard, which makes it easy to find and embed relevant Tweets and videos in your posts and pages. To open the Media Explorer, click the “Add Media” media button. And here is my tweet about the new feature (including my ‘love it/hate it’ reaction): Curate Real-Time News and Video with WordPress Media Explorer | @scoopit via @RobinGood — David Bennett (@DavidBennett) August 30, 2013 By the way… I was alerted to the new WordPress feature because I follow Robin Good on He puts a lot of time and effort into curating information on the web, and one of the topics he covers is content curation itself. If that seems like the snake that eats itself, take a look at his content curation page at MasterNewMedia – well worth a look. And if you are not …

AmpersandCity on Zazzle

I made a Zazzle store. I’m experimenting with different sales channels (ooh! hark at him – ‘sales channels’) I called the store AmpersandCity on the basis that I would make stuff based around…. the ampersand. I’ve got three posters up there at the moment. Unlike with Etsy where you sell via the store but supply the customer direct, the way Zazzle works is that you upload a full-size image (rather than a web-sized image) and Zazzle use it and print from it and send to the customer. And you, the seller, get a cut of the selling price. At a guess, I think more people succeed in creating a business (as in making money) on Etsy, but maybe not.