The ice man cometh etc

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The ice man cometh etc

Driving through Chitral on Monday at about 5pm, each town and village was just coming to life. It was only two hours to go before iftar. Vats of hot oil bubbled at the side of the road as young boys bought bags of samosas and pakoras with which to break their Ramadan fast. But best of all, crowds gathered around trucks crammed with giant ice cubes carved from glaciers in the high passes of the Hindu Kush, melting slowly in the hot afternoon sun

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2 thoughts on “The ice man cometh etc

    1. Rob Crilly writes for the Daily Telegraph in England, and he lives in Pakistan. He normally writes about the political situation, but I had to reblog this ‘social’ photo and the lovely fact that the ice is hacked from the glaciers and brought to the cities.


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