Rose Pink

Rose Pink
Rose Pink. #FF66CC

According to this entry in Wikipedia, this is the colour known as rose pink.

Its first known use was in 1761 as described in A Dictionary of Color by Maerz and Paul, published in New York:1930

Again according to Wikipedia, hexadecimal #FF66CC describes rose pink.

[Colours on the web can be described and rendered by their hexadecimal.]

It seems very strong and vibrant to me.

When I thought of rose pink I had a softer colour in mind.

I had in mind something like the colour of this rose that I photographed in a garden in Edinburgh a few days ago.

Whether the rose is rose pink or not, it strikes me as slightly strange to describe the rose pink colour of a rose as rose pink.

It’s a bit like describing flesh as flesh coloured. Well not exactly the same because the word ‘pink’ is in there.

But rose pink – that is the pink of a rose. So surely …. oh well, you get what I mean.

It’s the same with describing a salmon as being salmon pink.

Rose Pink Rose
Not A Rose Pink Rose

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