bent revolver and bombs with text 'Blowback'

This is surely not going to appeal to everyone. In fact, were it not for the fact that the graphics came with a the Veneer font, I don’t think I would have started down this road.

But now that I have the graphics, I feel attracted to use them.

That’s not quite the whole story because there are other images in the set of graphics that don’t involve guns and bombs. There is a bird and some clouds, and a few other things.

But the graphics I used are the only ones that imply a human connection, so there is more of a story there.

I like the ambiguous message(s) – or is it just too cryptic? Or maybe just obvious and not particularly inspiring.

I am my own worst critic for this kind of stuff because I don’t think when I am making these posters. I just do them while half of my mind is thinking about something else.

I definitely had something in mind though, and I wonder whether you read it the same way that I was thinking?

5 thoughts on “Blowback

  1. I find this image strangely disturbing and the missing ink spots make me feel uncomfortable. I’m not clear why the latter is but the former has a reason. I suffered an accidental gun shot wound when I was young.


    1. How horrible for you. I offer you my sympathy.

      I believe trauma lasts a very long time.

      The bent gun was one of the graphics that seemed full of meaning, so I used it. I was thinking about the idea that violence somehow or other comes back to haunt the perpetrator.


  2. Did you know that ‘blowback’ is a term describing the way semi-automatic weapons get energy from the motion of the cartridge case as it is pushed to the rear by expanding gases created by the ignition of the powder in the cartridge case? It is what cycles the next round into the chamber.


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