The ice man cometh etc

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The ice man cometh etc

Driving through Chitral on Monday at about 5pm, each town and village was just coming to life. It was only two hours to go before iftar. Vats of hot oil bubbled at the side of the road as young boys bought bags of samosas and pakoras with which to break their Ramadan fast. But best of all, crowds gathered around trucks crammed with giant ice cubes carved from glaciers in the high passes of the Hindu Kush, melting slowly in the hot afternoon sun

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Image Captions With WordPress iOS


Writing from the iPhone using the WordPress app is very convenient, with one proviso – which is that I haven’t figured out how to put a caption on images.

I don’t think there is a way.

This is the code for the image of the anemone in the last post. Notice that the code begins with caption id=”attachment_4858″

When writing in the back end of WordPress on the desktop there is a field where you can add a caption.

You don’t have to add add a caption, but if you want to then this where you do it.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 20.20.37

The problem is that when writing a post with the WordPress app in iOS* the system doesn’t know what the ID of the attachment is because it hasn’t uploaded the image yet.

Is there a way around this?

*I assume it’s the same problem with Android phones

How Many Tags Per Post

On a completely unrelated topic, I have just read a post from the WordPress team blog on the subject of ‘Publish, Promote, Repeat: Dashboard Tools to Share Your Stuff with the World’.

It explains how to set up sharing buttons to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The part that struck me though, was the final recommendation for the number of tags per post

Tip: Adding 5 to 15 tags (or categories, or a combination of the two) is ideal for a post. The more categories you use, the less likely your post will be included on the topics pages.

5 to 15 tags? I rarely use more than three.

Let’s see what captions I could use with the post about image captions. I already have captions, WordPress App, and iOS.

I could use attachment ID.

But what else? Seriously. I don’t want the tail wagging the dog. The tags have got to be ones I could reasonably connect with the subject matter of the post and also find useful. Surely?

Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone
Japanese Anemone

This is what is usually called a Japanese anemone. It is native to central China, and has been naturalised in Japan for centuries.

Wikipedia says that in 1844, Robert Fortune brought the plant to England from China, where he found it often planted about graves.

The name of the species is Anemone hupehensis.

There are quite a number of plants, shrubs, and trees that are ‘hupehensis’ but no explanation of where the name comes from.

I started searching for variants on the name and eventually came across ‘Hupeh’, which is a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Hubei, a region in central China.

That sounds like it is probably where the name comes from.