Comfrey and Ceanothus

Ceanothus Close-Up
Ceanothus Close-Up

Ah, the wonders of photography that allows us to look at the details in nature at leisure.

This is a ceanothus, otherwise known as the California lilac – and a close up of the flower.

Lilac is an Old World species – quite common in the UK in parks and gardens – and I guess that whoever named the California lilac had it in mind, although the species look very different from one another.


The second photo is of comfrey. It has an interesting history as a folk medicine and in the last thirty or forty years or so has had a renaissance as a plant that helps other plants to ward off pests.


5 thoughts on “Comfrey and Ceanothus

  1. We grow both California lilacs and the other kind 😉 I do enjoy the color range the cool blue end of the color scale brings to gardens. It seems the warm side of the color scale often dominate in flowers. Or maybe I just imagine that.

    P.S. What lovely theme change! I adore the header image.


    1. The very dark and warm blue of the ceanothus stands out here in contrast with just about everything else.

      It is supposed to be quite ‘frost tender’, but it grows very well here in Edinburgh.

      Thanks about the header image. 🙂 I ‘repeated’ the blank wall in Photoshop to give extra length to the image to fit the header shape. When I plonked it in, the words ‘Mostly Photography’ sat just on the skirting board of the gallery – it was just luck.


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