Month: June 2013

National Mining Museum Scotland

These photos are from a visit I made with about 20 other photographers yesterday to the National Mining Museum Scotland, which is based at the Lady Victoria Colliery at Newtongrange, south east of Edinburgh. The Creative Photographers Meetup Group were able to arrange access to the tangle of abandoned buildings behind the museum that were left standing after the colliery shut down in 1981. Although I am a member of the group for a while, this was the first meetup that I have been on and it was interesting to go photographing with such a large number of people. At one point in the afternoon I took a step back to see other members of the group bent with their cameras over this or that object or setting up their cameras and tripods, or scanning the scene for things to photograph. I felt like we were a group of archaeologists who had travelled through space to document the remains of an ancient civilisation. As you can see, I captioned the photo at the top of …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

It’s the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This is much more than your opportunity to flood the internet with cat photos (although the internet’s ability to absorb cat photos is infinite, so one can never have too many). Your companion might be a pet, or your partner or progeny. Maybe it’s an object you unconsciously fiddle with as you work, a view that keeps you company, an album that helps you stay grounded, or a hobby you use to unwind at the end of each day. (If your companion is actually a low-ranking knight, you win.) As it happens, I was working on these views of Edinburgh when I looked at the Challenge to see whether the images would fit. And the view does keep me company because it is the dominant skyline as I walk across the Links and the Meadows into Edinburgh. I remember the first impression I had of Edinburgh. We’d parked the car in the Travelodge on the south side of the city and took the bus into the city centre. As …

Exporting Data From Google Reader

Update What with Google Reader shutting down on July 1st, I decided to download all of my Google Reader data via Google Takeout, and I thought I would share the info on the page for its humour. Control your data Grabbing a copy of your data? Great! We think it’s really important that you have control over your data. If you have time please let us know why it is important to you and how we can improve. If you have decided to take your data elsewhere, please take a minute to research the data export policies of your destination. Otherwise, you might import your data into a service that doesn’t let it out. If you ever want to leave the service, you may have to leave important stuff like your photos behind. Remember, your data is important! Do not download archives on public computers.