I went into the customisation options for this theme to see whether I could change the colour of the font in the sidebar because it seems a bit unclear. That is, the contrast between the yellow font and the white background means that I have to peer to see the lettering.

I don’t mean that I actually bend forward towards the screen, lift my fictitious glasses, squint, and utter small sounds while trying to make out the lettering.

I mean that inside my semi-conscious mind, my inner ‘me’ is doing that.

Notice that the yellow lettering changes to dark blue when you bring your mouse over any of the sidebar widgets. It is so much easier to read with the mouse at on-hover over a particular sidebar widget.

But that is not the default position for a general view of the page, and the yellow is too light and unclear, in my opinion.

I went into the customisation options, to see whether it was possible to change the colour of the font. There didn’t seem to be an option to do this, so I went into the custom upgrade options.

That’s when I saw the information (see the image above) that the option to change the colours will be available at some time in the future – and without buying the custom upgrade, of course.

The Superhero theme is made by Automattic (the makers of WordPress), so I would think it would be high on the list of themes for which they will be making this feature active.

Self-Hosted Superhero

The Superhero theme is available for self-hosted WordPress sites and I have this site that I keep for testing themes, which is at DBWORDPRESS.COM.

I went into it and activated Superhero, and then in the stylesheet CSS I changed the colours of the font in the sidebar from #F6C628 (yellow) to the same colour blue as the headings in the main body content, which is #1E4A66.

Colors/Colours On The Web

colors-on-the-webI might change the font colour to something else when I have the time and inclination to decide what colour palette will work.

Then, when introduces Custom Colors, I will have done the groundwork and be able to change the colour straight away to something that ‘works’.

I use Colors On The Web for playing around with colour palettes. Go to Color Tools in the main navigation bar and click on Color Wizard in the drop-down menu. That will bring up an interactive color-matching application like you can see here.

You can start from scratch or you can input a hexadecimal if you have one that you want to use. Then you have various choices like the one shown here – ‘split complimentary’.

By the way, the font in Superhero is Carrois Gothic, which is a Google font, available by going to the Google fonts pages.


Have you tried Rebel Mouse? I am not sure where it is going with its service (oh, yes – they introduced a ‘pro’ service recently) – but whatever may or may not happen with the service, it is pleasant to see all my posts gathered in from here and there.

And I have a couple of extra tabs set so that I can see the latest updates from one or two people. I’ve got tabs for Bianca Bosker from the Huffington Post, and Kristi Hines from

As you might see, my URL is

Update, update, read all about it

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 14.43.03

Culture In India


The word culture comes from the Latin word meaning to cultivate, as in agriculture. It gained its modern usage in the 1800s.

What is this culture of which we speak?

Is in the brightly-coloured baubles in the shops?

Is it in the high-flown opera to which I do not go?

Is it in the book I am reading?

Is it in the conversations I have?

Where is it when the conversation runs dry?

Where is it when I am silent and meditating on my breathing?

Is it given to me or do I have to find the key?

Is there more to come or is this all there is?