Olympus E-PM1 Review

Roses - Nearing The End
Roses – Nearing The End

This is a crop of a larger image, and I chose it to illustrate this review of the Olympus E-PM1 for two reasons. The first is the very pleasing and natural colours of the image. The second is to show the quality of the Olympus 45mm lens.

I’ll just take a quick step backwards and explain how I came to buy the E-PM1.

About two years ago I bought a Panasonic GF1 body and 20mm lens. In the correct lighting conditions it produces nicely coloured images.

At The Edinburgh Book Festival – Panasonic GF1

Oftentimes though, the images look flat and have a colour cast that tends to magenta and blue.

Other photographers had made great photos with the camera, although they agree that there is a colour cast to the unprocessed RAW images that has to be tweaked to bring out their best.

In the end, I admitted defeat and bought one of the cheapest Olympus bodies that was nonetheless recognised as producing nice images.

It focuses quickly and it is lightweight. The whole package with lens attached weighs 366g (13 ounces).

3 thoughts on “Olympus E-PM1 Review

  1. Every Girl’s Dream, at least for those of us at a certain age – Fast Focus and 13 ounces!
    All kidding aside, I love reading these posts because I don’t know jack about cameras and you always lay out the details in language I can easily understand (or Google). *grin*


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