Giant Pandas

These are the images we’ve used in the article about Giant Pandas that is now on the Quillcards Blog.

The pandas are at Edinburgh zoo, and Tamara (my wife) has just published an article about them – including a Q&A of facts and myths.

Did you know that pandas do handstands?

The tie up with the three photos of the flowers that you can see here, is that Mother’s Day is celebrated in the UK on March 10th – and the pandas are showing signs that Mrs Panda is soon to begin the journey towards motherhood – i.e. mating – which is a touch-and-go affair with pandas because they are only ‘ready’ for mating for about 48 hours each year.

Chime in with when Mother’s Day falls in your country, if you get the urge.

And apologies for the poor quality of the panda photos. I shot them through glass.






12 thoughts on “Giant Pandas

  1. Love Pandas … who doesn’t?! šŸ™‚ This was a very sweet post. The new theme is nice!

    In Sweden, Mother’s Day falls on the LAST Sunday in May..and here in North America, the second Sunday in May..


        1. Mothering Sunday has disappeared with the secularisation of English society, and has morphed into Mother’s Day – which originated in the USA.

          Funny old world.


        2. I didn’t know that. I had this image of Sweden having a strong religious base under it’s urban modernity.

          When I worked in Finland, I was surprised at how strong the religious feeling was around Christmas – it seemed that everyone went to church on the days around Christmas.


        3. Church of Sweden [Lutheran] was state church until New Years Eve 1999. We were Ā«bornĀ» into the church, unless the parents belonged to something else. ‘Everyone’ goes to church on 1:st of Advent, on Christmas and also … increasingly … in November on All Saints’ Day.

          It’s a tradition! They like to hear the psalms … so many people claim they’re atheists, or say things like Ā«I’m spiritual … not religiousĀ»… It’s all very strange, and I suspect that could have been the case in Finland too, but I wouldn’t know..


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