I Am Getting Itchy ‘Theme’ Feet

Just because I can.
That’s why I have itchy ‘theme’ feet.
I don’t have the inclination (just yet) to go searching for a new theme.
Perhaps WP will introduce a new theme tomorrow and it will be synchronicity.

The current theme has a featured slider
and featured images
and excerpts

That’s part of why I don’t have the inclination (just yet) to go searching for a new theme. I’d have to check that it had all the featured I want AND that I wouldn’t have to undo any of the things I have done here (like setting featured images – one by one by one by one… )


  1. rebekah · January 29, 2013

    Boy, do I know that feeling! But today, I’m feeling good because last night I adopted the theme Sight [same as here]. This means that I will have to keep the Customize upgrade, but I really like this theme, so I’ll opt for that. The only thing that kept me from adopting it earlier, was the size of the font in the title. Love the font, but with my blog title … the words were too long, so the tagline sort of got ‘merged’ in underneath the title [or how I shall explain it]. Made the title in much smaller font and now it works. The second thing I didn’t like was the background colour in the slider but that too, was easily fixed.


    • David Bennett · January 29, 2013

      Purrsonal Mewsings looks very nice. Good size. And I like the cat over on the right – that’s a good size too 😉


      • rebekah · January 29, 2013

        Thank you!
        I was going to cancel the Customize upgrade, but now I liked this so much so I’ll keep it 🙂


  2. Maria · January 31, 2013

    Drink, a lot, (alcohol) then bring up the theme chooser page, cover your eyes and point!


    • David Bennett · January 31, 2013

      I’m too much of a control freak to do that for small decisions. I reserve the close-eyes-and-point for big decisions, like which country to go to next. 😉


      • Maria · January 31, 2013

        Oh you and your logic! 🙂


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