1. We would probably see diligent use of the copy & paste function. When pout mouth and square chin’s no longer trending, people would reach for command z, or search desperately for the original image file on a dusty external harddrive.


        1. Do you think the day will come when we will be able to pull a sheet of plastic out of a drawer, paste it on our faces and peel it off and bingo! – new face all ready to meet the day? 😉


  1. Interesting … very interesting. My cat is the elegant, slender black model of haughtiness. I’m sure he would be pouting for days on end if a doctored an image and made him fat in it.


    1. Probably what I did to ‘fat cat’ is to everyone’s taste, but once I had made him/her, I googled for fat cats – and found several political fat cat cartoons that he/she would have felt right at home with. 😉


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