Fat Cat

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Fat Cat

Fat Cat

I distorted the face in Photoshop using the Lens Correction tool (Filter > Lens Correction), then I duplicated the image and used High Pass on the top layer (Filter > Other > HIgh Pass) and then used the Soft Light Blend mode to get the effect I wanted.

Here is the poor cat before I mashed him up.

Original Cat

Original Cat


  1. Oh my! poor cat. My cat doesn’t need PS to get the fat look. Processed him once using PP… but in order to make him look slimmer.


      • We would probably see diligent use of the copy & paste function. When pout mouth and square chin’s no longer trending, people would reach for command z, or search desperately for the original image file on a dusty external harddrive.


  2. Interesting … very interesting. My cat is the elegant, slender black model of haughtiness. I’m sure he would be pouting for days on end if a doctored an image and made him fat in it.


    • Probably what I did to ‘fat cat’ is to everyone’s taste, but once I had made him/her, I googled for fat cats – and found several political fat cat cartoons that he/she would have felt right at home with. 😉


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