Pipers At The Gate

Pipers On Solid Ground

I don’t know why, but the words of a song by World Party came to mind – they go something like, “You say you’re living out on the edge, but you’re on solid ground, not on a ledge.” I always like rhymes in music.

Another than I like a lot is from a long time ago –

I never felt more like singing the blues
cause I never thought that I’d ever lose
Your love babe
You got me singing the blues.

I love the way ‘lose’ and ‘blues’ is used in the rhyme, and the way that ‘lose’ is not the end of a line of meaning.

When I first thought of the pipers, The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn came to mind, but these are just pipers on solid ground.

Seen in London on one of the bridges across the Thames:


Seen in Edinburgh:


Seen in Edinburgh:


10 thoughts on “Pipers At The Gate

  1. Play on words, playing with words or their sounds is great fun and then you mention pipes and there is something about pipes (played well, of course – wouldn’t want to hear me try). I’ve always been impressed by the versatility; happy, somber, and at times something between.


      1. Ah yes, what a piece!
        Hey David, do you think you could grab one of those amazing hats? My birthday is in Feb so you have some time to work out the logistics. Just create a diversion, knock it off his head and RUN!


  2. Love the pipes … not long ago, I was out on the balcony in the dense fog, and heard the pipes being played in a not too far distance. They were practising and the fog really contributed to the atmosphere … it was beautiful, it touched some inner cord [or chord?] 🙂

    «Singing the blues», to me is Dave Edmunds …even though I know it’s been around longer than that. I was a huge fan of Rockpile..


    1. Years ago when I was at university, my girlfriend and I hitched to Scotland and camped one night in our sleeping bags – no tent – on the pebbly shore of Loch Lomond. Across the loch we could hear a lone piper. It was just right.


  3. I also love the pipes. Where I live a piper played Amazing Grace on the beach every night at sunset for decades, regardless of the weather. When he passed on his neighbors played their recordings of his piping and so a tradition was born. Despite the fact I’m not a Christian no sunset is every quite complete without the sound of the pipes.


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