About Me Widget

About Me Widget – it looks like a typo – as though it should be About My Widget. But no, it is correct. It a widget with which you can display your About Me credentials.

I got an email today from Laura from About.me. She pointed me to the page on the WP.com site that explains how to use it. I thought it was something very new, but I see it is in a post from WordPress Support dated August 15th.

But there must be something NEW with the widget because Laura says:

We’re proud to announce the new about.me WordPress Widget. And you are the first to know about it! It provides an instant About section to your blog and is easy to add.

Update From Laura

Just to note, it’s brand new on wordpress.org and the wordpress.com got some style updates before today’s announcement.

We sent the announcement to everyone that has wordpress on their about.me page – so that is the first group to hear about both!


I Added It Here

As you will see if you look over to the right >>>>> I added it. I already had an About.me page, so it took just a couple of seconds to add. Of course, I tweaked my About.me page to make sure it was up-to-date.


If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, then the email from Laura explains that you should head over to the WP Repository to get the About.me widget plugin.

2 thoughts on “About Me Widget

  1. I haven’t set one up yet but I do like the widget.

    It’s interesting to see you are using Sight as I’m attracted to it also. There are two things I dislike about this theme. The first is that the words in the title stacks and and when I tried it for one cool site the appearance wasn’t cool. Secondly I’m not keen of the font style or size. That said, Sight still remains on my possible themes list.


    1. I completely agree about the way the title breaks into two lines. It just happens to work for ‘Light Reading’, so I am happy with it.

      I agree about the font size as well. I don’t mind the typeface itself, but the font is a bit small.

      I like the typeface for the title very much. So much so that we are using it for the title of our new greeting card site (still in development).


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