Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign – Delhi Auto-Rickshaw Driver

Auto-Rickshaw Driver In Delhi

This man is an auto-rickshaw driver. We were waiting at the lights, going into Delhi from the Tibetan colony at Majnu Katila where we were staying, and he pulled up next to our vehicle.

He looked at us and smiled; then he gave this wolfish, cheeky grin and surveyed us all. I snapped this when he turned to grin at our driver.

Then we were off, turning right against three lanes of traffic, screaming around the bend and into something that looked post-apocalyptic.

I would go back there in a heartbeat for the wonder of it all.

Nikon 1 V2 – New From Nikon

It’s lighter than the V1 by about 30g and it looks like the two biggest criticisms of the V1 – the easily-moved wheel and the paddle that flips up and down easily – may have been addressed.

I think the V1 is much prettier, but the V2 may have the features I want in a small camera.

Same size sensor
14.2megapixels versus 10.1 in the V1
Same 3:2 aspect ratio
Diopter adjustment now goes to +2 (great for me)
Built-in flash

Looks like a NEX series Sony camera from this angle.