And Also At

I had to nuke my site at because it was hacked. I tore it apart, dropped all the database tables, deleted all the posts and pages, and started again.

It was heartbreaking for about a second but I have never been one to cry over spilled milk, and it was kind of liberating to start again.

I’ve put up a few posts based on photos I’ve taken and in one of them I discussed the steps I’ve taken to deal with white balance issues on my Panasonic GF1.

Take a look at let me know whether you like the layout of the blog – I think the ‘Hatch’ theme from DevPress is pretty good.

One thought on “And Also At

  1. I just found several of your sites – belated Welcome to Edinburgh wonderful city – think you are a real photographer and I will look up more – taking photos helps me pay better attention to what I am seeing, and blogging makes me seek out stuff to observe. See you again


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