I Want To Encourage You To Watch This Video About Colony Collapse Disorder In Honeybees

Having been following colony collapse disorder in honeybees for about two years, I have found this recently-uploaded video is by far the best/worst indictment of nicotinoid pesticides.

It is an hour long, very entertaining, very straightforward, very relevant, and I encourage everyone to watch it and to like it and to help it become as popular as it surely deserves to be.



Also, you may want to take a look at these articles about CCD I’ve been collecting together for the past couple of years.

Apologies that the photo here is nothing to do with honeybees. It is our guinea pig, Audrey, who posed for me while sitting in a fez. Everything was going great until we moved a couple of feet away from the coffee table.

Then for no reason at all that we could detect, she squealed such a squeal that we rushed back to her.

While my wife comforted her, I grabbed this one shot with the camera that was already set up on a tripod. Oh what a drama it was…

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