Instagram Applications

I just wrote about nine Instagram applications that I have come across. Two of them are plugins for self-hosted WordPress sites, so I wrote about the applications on my self-hosted site at Photographworks.


My self-hosted site was hacked so I rebuilt it, and the Instagram review is no longer there. It was my fault for getting hacked. I uploaded a dodgy theme and caused myself the grief.

Newly rebuilt site


Meanwhile, the sheep gets a look-in:

The Sheep Of Peace

But this still applies to the comments here:

2 thoughts on “Instagram Applications

    • Thanks for commenting. I’ll take a look.

      Just so my readers know about Instagram Widget, your website states:

      “This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram”

      I think it is important to state that, particularly bearing in mind your opening sentence – “thank you for using Instagram!” – which is a sentence I would only expect to see from the originator of the application.

      Another thing I notice is that on your site you seem to suggest that The Sartorialist is using InstagramWidget. However, when I look in the source code for The Sartorialist, I see that it uses Webstagram to capture the Instragram images. Please explain.


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