From The Seventh Floor

Edinburgh From The Seventh Floor

Tamara and I had a meeting with someone a couple of days ago. The meeting was held in a small conference room of the seventh floor of the building.

From where I was sitting, I could only see another modern building across the road.

But then the person we were meeting with had to go to get something prepared for us, and I took the opportunity to look out of the side window, knowing that the view would be to the hills beyond the city.

That is one of the hallmarks of Edinburgh. Pretty much wherever you are – if you look ‘beyond’ you will see the hills.

It is such a liberating experience that I have come to see it as a little treat that is more or less always available.

So I went to look out of the window at the hills in the distance and decided to take a photograph with my iPhone using the Pro HDR app.

Now the Pro HDR app works by analysing the extreme highlights and shadows and then it takes two photos in quick succession.

It then combines them to produce the finished image. The problem is of course that the camera might move between the shots – or at the very least, it will not be held completely steady and so the final aligned shot will not be as sharp as it could be.

So here is my tip for how to deal with the problem. Put the camera against the glass of the window. That not only aligns the two shots, it also holds the camera steady – particularly so because the iPhone can be held flat against the glass so easily.

Windows have become my tripod of choice for the iPhone.

The hills are not very evident in the shot – but take my word for it, they are there in the background.

One thought on “From The Seventh Floor

  1. Beautiful! Good idea to hold it against the window. I took the free version of the HDR app. Haven’t tried it too much yet, because I’m still exploring and getting used to the camera… but soon.


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