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Roll Your Own Origin

Nothing To Do With Plums

This short post has nothing to do with plums but I thought the place needed brightening up a bit – hence plums.

The Origin WordPress Theme

While trying to find out (as yet unsuccessfully) whether it is possible to change the number of words that show up on the home page for each post with the Origin theme, I found out that the theme is not only available as a theme but also as a theme for self-hosted sites.

PhotographWorks, my self-hosted photography site, is now is no longer running the ‘Origin’ theme.

You can find the theme here in the WordPress repository.


    • I used Sundance once before but then I started to think it was a bit ‘meh’ because it didn’t have place for a header – but I have swung around to liking it again – particularly that it has a feeling of space about it.


  1. reb

    I still feel a certain affinity for the Origin theme. Could have liked Oxygen too, if it had been possible to remove the third column.

    Could go back to Ari any day…


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