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Pepper Dance

I photographed these three red peppers by placing them on a table top and putting the camera on a book on the table to raise it a bit. After taking three shots, I bumped into the table and the peppers starting to fall – but then held themselves leaning over drunkenly.

I don’t know why but the middle pepper reminds me of an vigorous dancer who is elbowing his companions in a country jig. He is wearing a flat cap and a cotton scarf tied around his neck. And he is wearing heavy shoes and he’s clog dancing.

And Why Now

The thing is that I just saw a great post on Surface and Surface and one of the photographers mentioned there is Alison Bettles whose still lifes are eye-catching. So that reminded me that I had this tilted, drunken pepper trio in my camera still on the SD card – so here it is.

I recommend you take a look at the photos on Surface and Surface – not least because Blow Magazine is running a competition that is easy to enter.

Technical: Panasonic GF1 with 20mm lens.

leaning peppers


  1. So cool to see your reaction to the post. cheers for the mention! Thinking about picking up a GF3 you recommend?


    • Just today I finally bought a used VF1 viewfinder for the GF1.

      I’ve had the camera about a year and use it a lot because I don’t notice the weight in my bag.

      It’s very well made and the IQ is pretty good. It focuses fast as well and I don’t notice shutter lag – but it wouldn’t replace my big camera.

      I have the function button set to define the aspect ratio and that button and the ISO button are what I hit mostly.

      I don’t know much about touch-screens like on the GF3. I would have to play with one to see how fast they are to use.

      Cheers !


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