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Infinite Scrolling | WordAds

Infinite Scrolling

I recommend wpbtips for anyone wanting to tweak their blog.

In the link above, the author of wpbtips shows how to disable infinite scrolling without having to buy a CSS upgrade or custom domain.

If your theme supports it, all you have to do is to drag a widget (any widget) into your footer area. That will disable automatic infinite scrolling.

I did it with the theme I am currently using – Origin by DevPress – and I will keep it there for the time being and see whether I like my readers being saved from being cast into the infinite scroll.


Did you catch the WordPress post about how you can now have your own flavour of Adwords by signing up for WordAds?

I thought it might be a solution to the problem of visitors seeing the ugly ads that now populate this site and many other sites (courtesy of the team at Automattic).

But it was not to be. I went to the WordAds intro page and from their to the Apply page and was presented with a list of my blogs and this message:

To be eligible for this program, your blog needs to have a custom domain.

Oh well…

WORDADS and WordAds

This theme turns lower case text in the titles of posts into upper case text. It does it automatically – I type Hello or hello and it displays HELLO.

So now I see that WORDADS doesn’t come across as spiffily as WordAds. In upper case I see the word DADS rather than ADS.


Do you see it that way too?


Some people may mistake the above for a rant…



  1. reb

    I have that page in my bookmarks. Often used it for tweaking teams, but I thought he had stopped updating it.

    I see ‘wor-dads’ LOL
    The word weeknights, I’m never sure if they mean wee knights, perhaps 😆

    I do have the infinite scrolling. Don’t know how bothersome it is for people. Didn’t they announce a way to turn it off, or have I just dreamt that ?!


  2. I answer a lot of questions on the support forums and view many blogs every day. The ads I’m seeing make me so happy I chose to purchase a No-Ads upgrade.

    The reason I’m seeing ads at all is because I’m running my browser with AdBlock disabled, and I’m running innfinite scroll on one cool site for the month of July. I’m also inviting reader feedback in a post I will publish tonight..


    • Have you disabled adblock so that you can check that your No-Ads upgrade is working?

      I saw your latest post before I saw that you had commented here – but I wasn’t logged in to so I logged in and saw your comment!


  3. Yes I have disabled AdBlock so I can see both of my blogs as others view them. I also wanted to see what ads on blogs are like as well.


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