Problems With Sharing To Tumblr (Resolved)

London Walking

As soon as I read the article on WordPress about being able to share to Tumblr, I set it up and wrote a post. Everything went OK because the text preceded the photo and it was the text that showed up in the extract on Tumblr.

Everything did not go well with the second post because the image came first and, as with most of my images, I had captioned it.

The coding that sends the extract winging off to Tumblr did not like the captioning code and it messed it up.

I reported it to Support at WordPress and they acknowledged the problem and emailed me to confirm when they cured the issue.

So this is a short post to test this out.

This is the link to the Tumblr site and you can see whether the ‘share’ worked OK.


Oh, oh…

It copied OK but the shape is all squished.

London Walking – Squished

11 thoughts on “Problems With Sharing To Tumblr (Resolved)

  1. I’ve just set up a Tumblr account. I have yet to figure out the advantages of having one. I’ll try and post a picture to it shortly … Could it have something to do with the theme in Tumblr … that the picture got distorted?


    1. It’s entirely possible that it is the Tumblr theme that is causing the ‘squashing’ problem. I mentioned this when I first contacted Support (that it might not be WordPress that was causing the frames/captions issue. But, of course, it turns out that it was WP that had the problem and it may be that it is WP that is causing the squishing problem.

      Advantages of Tumblr. Take a look around some sites – there are some very positive, responsible, creative people there – (and yes, plenty of cute cats as well) I guess what I am saying is that I have developed an attitude to different platforms – is generally polite and towards the middle of the road. Tumblr is more edgy – definitely worth exploring.

      What is your tumblr URL ?


  2. Hi, I work at Automattic/ Thanks for helping us make Publicize:Tumblr better!

    We’re pretty sure we’ve fixed this problem. If you find more issues, please contact our Support team.


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