Pepper Dance

I photographed these three red peppers by placing them on a table top and putting the camera on a book on the table to raise it a bit. After taking three shots, I bumped into the table and the peppers starting to fall – but then held themselves leaning over drunkenly.

I don’t know why but the middle pepper reminds me of an vigorous dancer who is elbowing his companions in a country jig. He is wearing a flat cap and a cotton scarf tied around his neck. And he is wearing heavy shoes and he’s clog dancing.

And Why Now

The thing is that I just saw a great post on Surface and Surface and one of the photographers mentioned there is Alison Bettles whose still lifes are eye-catching. So that reminded me that I had this tilted, drunken pepper trio in my camera still on the SD card – so here it is.

I recommend you take a look at the photos on Surface and Surface – not least because Blow Magazine is running a competition that is easy to enter.

Technical: Panasonic GF1 with 20mm lens.

leaning peppers

Infinite Scrolling | WordAds

Infinite Scrolling

I recommend wpbtips for anyone wanting to tweak their blog.

In the link above, the author of wpbtips shows how to disable infinite scrolling without having to buy a CSS upgrade or custom domain.

If your theme supports it, all you have to do is to drag a widget (any widget) into your footer area. That will disable automatic infinite scrolling.

I did it with the theme I am currently using – Origin by DevPress – and I will keep it there for the time being and see whether I like my readers being saved from being cast into the infinite scroll.


Did you catch the WordPress post about how you can now have your own flavour of Adwords by signing up for WordAds?

I thought it might be a solution to the problem of visitors seeing the ugly ads that now populate this site and many other sites (courtesy of the team at Automattic).

But it was not to be. I went to the WordAds intro page and from their to the Apply page and was presented with a list of my blogs and this message:

To be eligible for this program, your blog needs to have a custom domain.

Oh well…

WORDADS and WordAds

This theme turns lower case text in the titles of posts into upper case text. It does it automatically – I type Hello or hello and it displays HELLO.

So now I see that WORDADS doesn’t come across as spiffily as WordAds. In upper case I see the word DADS rather than ADS.


Do you see it that way too?


Some people may mistake the above for a rant…


The Moon – Nikon D5100 And 35mm Lens

Well it was never going to be a close up shot, that’s for sure. But I had to have a go when the moon was supposed to be at its largest apparent size last month on May 6th in Berkeley, California.

The EXIF data tells me that I shot it at ISO 100, f2.5 and 1/800th of a second with no exposure compensation.

So here is the full frame and a crop. In the crop you can see the bushes that obstructed my view and something that was flying by – a bird or a bat, perhaps.

I think the amount of information that is recorded here of the features of the surface of the moon is amazing.

What do you think?