Architecture, iPhone, And London

I took my Pansonic GF1 with 20mm lens – and I think I may have got some nice shots out of it but I will know better when I upload the images from the card.

For the moment, here are a few shots from the iPhone with an architectural theme.

This first shot is of the base of the Darwin cocoon, which is a giant concrete shell several stories high within the Natural History Museum in London. It houses millions of specimens and this shot is from the bottom of it.

And this alternative version is the same shot pushed through the ‘Clarity’ filter in the Camera+ app.

This second shot is a view from the glass-sided lift that takes visitors to the top floor to begin the journey down inside the cocoon.

The third shot of Heron Tower on Bishopsgate near Liverpool Street station. I took it early in the evening when the clouds in the sky had turned pink.

The final shot is of the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden where we saw La Sylphide.


  1. reb says:

    Wonderful subject for photo. In fact, I like the first version better, where the shadows are a little more subtle. Liverpool Street Station was the first place in London I ever saw, getting off the train from Harwich in 1983!
    I’m not familiar with the mirror-less camera system. Did you just buy the Panasonic?


    1. Glad you like the first version more – and if you are ever in the area, you’ll love the Darwin cocoon!

      I’ve had the Panasonic for a while. I keep thinking I’ll get a viewfinder – it just slots into the hotshot – and that makes a neat package.


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