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Charles Cramer – Master Landscape Photographer

I saw an article by Charles Cramer in the Luminous Landscape and I took a look at his website. The instant I saw it I recalled how much I admire the look he gets in his work.

It also brought to mind how times have changed and how I have changed. When I looked at Charles Cramer’s work a few years ago, I had a slight hesitation because his photos looked ‘too good’ – too sharp, too perfect, too colourful.

But now that I have become more used to digital perfection and I see a lot more of it around me, I find it easier to bridge the gap and to like his work without holding back on it.

Here is the link to his work – I recommend you take a look. Charles Cramer – Master Photographer – and please let me know what you think.



7 thoughts on “Charles Cramer – Master Landscape Photographer Leave a comment

  1. I’ve looked. Just the index page made me fall in love for starters … so neat! Beautiful photography … ‘beautiful’ doesn’t really cover it. I need to think of more superlatives.

    One thing I’ve thought about about photography, since digital came into play: There’s so much talent out there now, so will anyone ever be able to really stand out and become really famous … like ..say, Ansel Adams?


    • That’s a good point. The web has removed the gatekeepers and enabled us all to become publishers. Maybe we need a new paradigm – a community rather than a few stand-out individuals?


      • Yes, somehow perhaps it will form, in the long run.
        I browse a lot of photos, mainly in Flickr, and I see a lot of really good stuff. There are days, when it feels almost overwhelming … as if I never will be able to reach those levels of talent myself, but most of the time, it’s just awe inspiring.


        • I feel the same. The genie is out of the bottle and some amazing things are being produced. We are living in a creative renaissance – and at the same time there is the gaping hole in the world with pollution, extinction of species, the 99% Movement, Occupy Wall Street, bank bonuses, crazy gambles on the stock market, people overeating themselves into insane sizes – crazy, eh.


        • It is insane and it looks grotesque. I read an article online yesterday, about a TV-series that HBO will be airing, called «Weight of the Nation». Supposedly pretty good, but still same old, same old … they don’t attack the basic problems. This is a ticking time bomb, and I don’t understand … why not more serious actions are taken. Guess one should be out on a ledge, somewhere, but I’m too tired.
          Now I’ll go and look up the 99% Movement .. I don’t know what it is 😐


  2. Some of the images are too ‘perfect’ but others, such as “Floating Grasses” call to mind artists like – Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy does stage his work but offers the same Wow or Ahh as I experienced when clicking through Cramer’s gallery. I can always use a little Wow or Ahh.


    • Yes, they are ‘perfect’.

      I like Andy Goldsworthy’s stuff and I have seen some of his stuff ‘in the flesh’.

      Goldsworthy’s pieces remind me of the principle of Tibetan sand paintings that are thrown into the river when they are finished.


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