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Quick Sample Of USA iPhone Photos

I took a Nikon D5100 and the 35mm f1.8 AF-S lens with me on the trip to the States from which I have just returned. Of course I also took my iPhone, and I took a lot of shots with the iPhone as keepsakes.

I still think there is room for me to carry something small that produces better images than the iPhone, but occasionally the iPhone produces something I like- hence this little gallery.

I plan on doing a thorough review of the D5100 – either here or on Quillcards – and meanwhile I am thinking about a small camera to carry around. The one that has caught my eye is the Olympus XZ-1.


  1. These are really beautiful iPhone shots! I don’t have one, and I’m always amazed how good pictures people take with them.

    I’d been thinking exactly along the same lines … about a smaller camera to carry around, and bought a Nikon Coolpix P510 last Friday. I turned it back yesterday. It wasn’t the camera — it was ME. Probably a beautiful, little camera … I just can’t explain it, but I didn’t feel good about P&S.


    • I just took a peek at the P510 – I am after something that will slip into a pocket, with good image quality, with Aperture Priority, that focuses fast and writes to the card fast. Not much to ask, eh? 😉


      • There! You said it all … That’s what I want! I think that’s what made me uncomfortable — it didn’t focus fast enough..


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