Origin Theme Tramlines Corrected

I imagine a digital archeologist of the future trying to make sense of the title of this post and failing miserably.

I am in fact referring to the ugly tramlines that spoiled this theme.

Well, they are now repaired, per this message, so I have switched back to the Origin theme:

Hi David,

The issue with lines appearing in the Origin theme when scrolling has been fixed. Thanks so much for reporting it.

If you run into any other problems, please let us know.


Theme Wrangler

Automattic | WordPress.com


    1. I have about 365 posts – I have set a few to ‘featured’ but it feels like a long, long time before I will get around to doing them all.

      I replied to Michelle at Automattic just now with some feedback, saying “I am using Origin again and although not a problem as such – because Origin looks best with featured images showing – it would be great if there was a ‘Quick Edit’ function in ‘Media’ where we could set a featured image without having to go into each post to edit and set images to ‘featured image’.”


      1. Very good, that you did that. I’ve started too, but I’ll never be able to go through all posts.

        I noticed one post, that I’d created from the WordPress page … it was just a photo post [which you can do there], and that picture came out large … even in the ‘stream’, so to speak ..i.e. when you’re just AT the web page and not in any particular post. If you have time, have a look at mine, scroll down a little bit, you’ll see those big pipes..


        1. I see it. What is the size of the original image? I mean what is is it set to? When you look in admin at the size to which the featured image is set, what are the dimensions?

          (I recall you mentioning that you were using very big images before you read that post that mentioned using smaller files.)


        2. yes, it was one of those, really large ones.

          One has to watch out for the blog title, so that it isn’t too long [or big]. The box for title is rather limited, I had my font set too big, which caused the last three letters to end up on a new line..


        3. I just put one in too. I liked that you weren’t forced to use the height they suggested…

          Basically; I really like it 😉


        4. Me too. I like the endless scrolling feature, and the easy-on-the-eye featured images. It’s also a lesson in how important the opening few words in a post are. I haven’t really thought about that before.


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