Ringing The Temple Bell

Ringing The Temple Bell

I shot this in the entrance to a temple in Udaipur in Rajasthan in India. It was deafening there and I don’t know how the man could stand ringing the bell over and over again.

Maybe he had earplugs in his ears under that turban, but even then he would have been reverberating with the sound. I cannot imagine how he could stand it.


    1. I kept thinking that maybe he was so spiritual that he was on another plane and could isolate himself from the noise. But then I thought I was just being carried away by how exotic it all was and that he probably had a very bad headache (and tinnitus).


  1. Awesome shot. It looks like he is meditation in the sound. I don’t know, but that’s just my interpretation. I had the pleasure of ringing a huge bell at a Buddhist temple and I couldn’t really handle the sound either.


    1. I think you are right – he seemed either very deep in contemplation or very theatrical: It was hard to tell.

      It just occurred to me that maybe he was deaf and that is why he got the job.


      1. HAHA. Deafness would make a lot of sense. I guess he was born to be the bell ringer or the bell made him that way. I guess we’ll never know or one of us has to go there and ask.


        1. I volunteer!

          I would go back to Udairpur in a heartbeat – and then I would work my way north right up to Leh, where I have never been – and beyond that. 🙂


        2. Okay, I give you permission, BUT you have to blog and take a lot of photos. Do we have a deal? 😉


  2. Living ‘next door’ in Bangladesh and having visited India which is very similar in culture, I am not surprised at all! The Asian tolerance for noise is immense and this is something I see (from a distance I might say!) on a daily basis.


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