Subway Photos From Bruce Davidson

Bruce Davidson’s subway photos –

surface & surface

Bruce Davidson - Subway - Surface and SurfaceI went to see the Arnold Newman exhibition at the C/O in Berlin last weekend.  It was pretty mind-blowing to see what he achieved but what I didn’t expect to see was the Bruce Davidson ‘Subway’ exhibition that was on in the gym room.  Bloody great urban photography.  Bruce immersed himself in the ‘raging, rattling hustle and bustle’ of the subway system in New York during the 1980s, documenting the passengers in this filthy, graffiti ridden melting-pot, photographing lovers, musicians, homeless people, tourists and business people.

“When you are in the Subway, what is beautiful appears bestial and what is bestial appears beautiful.” Bruce Davidson

The exhibition marks the 25th year since the first publication of Bruce Davidson’s ‘Subway’ and is one show until the 20th of May 2012.  If you’re in Berlin definitely recommend seeing this.  ‘The Art and Press’ over in Martin Gropius Bau is worth checking out…

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11 thoughts on “Subway Photos From Bruce Davidson

    1. Have you seen any of his other work? I googled for some images and they are very strong. I am sure I have leafed through books of his stuff and I see that Amazon have a copy of Brooklyn Gang: Summer 1959 by Bruce Davidson (Nov 1, 1998) for a mere $1,050.00 new.


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