Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Woof Woof

Crossing the bridge at the back of the Modern Art Museum in Edinburgh, we came across these two subjects.


  1. jenkakio · April 14, 2012

    Too cute. Westies, right? Are those your doggies?


    • David Bennett · April 14, 2012

      Yes, Westies – lots of them here in Scotland. Not ours – just met them on the bridge 🙂


  2. Angeline M · April 14, 2012

    Really cute dogs. Perfect for the challenge today.


  3. Jo Bryant · April 14, 2012

    how sweet are they ??


  4. Amar Naik · April 14, 2012

    nice photos for this weeks theme


  5. reb · April 14, 2012

    …and such cute subjects they are! Great shot …and take on the challenge!


  6. The Feists Great Escape · April 16, 2012

    Of course I love this shot – I have a Westie of my own. 🙂


  7. The Retiring Sort · April 17, 2012

    My Papa would have said “Pete and re-Pete!” So cute!


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