Project 365 Day 74 – Guinea Fowl Feather

Guinea Fowl Feather Close Up
Guinea Fowl Feather Close Up
We went to a farm a little while ago.

We were standing in a field with chickens scratching the earth and pecking around our feet, and it was a lovely, calming experience.

There were guinea fowl in the field as well, but they were more skittish and stayed in the background.

On the way out, I saw a tiny guinea fowl feather in the mud and knew straight away that I was going to photograph it.

So I brought it home and photographed it. Now I know for sure that I have to get a lens that can get closer or can resolve better than the set-up I have now (close-up filters screwed on to the lens).

I thought the solution I have was going to be good enough, but I need to get closer and the filters are not allowing me get as close as I want.

So this first close-up crop is not as good as I want. But I think it does show how the little spots are composed.

Personally, I think there is something magical about the way the color stops and then starts again on each feather and how together the gaps make up a circle.

Guinea Fowl Feather
Guinea Fowl Feather

Sundance Theme

By the way, what do you think of the Sundance theme that I am now using for this blog?


  1. I have hundreds of those feathers in cups and bottles, tucked in all sorts of nooks – all around my house. We used to have a mysterious guinea fowl visit our home everyday, and sleep in our tree every night – for seven years. We live in the city, so it was quite a mystery as to where it came from, and why it stayed.

    I do miss that silly bird.

    Thanks for the reminder of something precious.


  2. I hear you about wanting a different set-up. I still think these two images are quite lovely.

    I don’t know which bird this is you’re talking about, but I’ll look it up now.

    Even such a ‘simple’ bird as the gull, has lovely tail feathers.


    1. Yes – almost every bird is beautiful. Some gaudy, some delicate, some common, some rare – all beautiful. I am not overly keen on black vultures, but even their feathers are lovely – just not so keen on their faces.


      1. I’ve seen which bird it is now … Yes, they’re all beautiful in their own way. We have turkey vultures here … they’re huge..


        1. I have tried to photograph the pattern on the bodies of guinea fowl several times, but they are constantly moving and jittering about so I have yet to get a pin-sharp shot.


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