HDR At The Museum


I shot it with my iPhone using the Pro HDR app. I darkened down the columns in post-processing to add contrast and concentrate the attention on the window, and that’s about it.

The window surrounds are a rich brown color ‘in the flesh’. Not as rich as the Pro HDR app has made them, but I could see the potential when I saw the scene.

I’ve taken enough HDR shots with this app now to have developed a feel for what kind of lighting the app likes.

It is always a bit of a lottery, but I have discovered that the app tends to turn Edinburgh stonework a green-grey color in full daylight.

So I thought things might turn out well here with the rich brown dominating.

I also thought the reflective surface of the glass would be interesting.

Finally, I thought that the fact that it was quite late in the day when the color spectrum is warmer anyway, would help with the color rendering.

Working with the iPhone’s quirks can produce results. It’s not as versatile as a big camera, but it has its place.

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Oh, I love the textures in this photo. Very tasteful use of HDR..


    1. Thanks, I was happy with what I could see in the camera as it developed (the Pro HDR takes about 30 seconds to develop) and it made me happy. 🙂


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